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Paper copies of all documents on our website are available on request from the school office.

For all details related to the Trust Board of Bradgate Education Partnership please click here. 

Articles of association for Bradgate Education Partnership

Governance arrangements for Bradgate Education Partnership

Our Governing Body is made up of Parent Governors, Community Governors and Staff Governors.  Each Governor attends a termly Governors’ meeting and also has committee responsibilities.

Governors Code of Conduct

Declaration of Business Interests 19 20

Local Advisory Board

Hannah Coombe (Chair), contact details available from the School Office
Darren Foster
Darren Farish
Shelagh Thomson
Suzanne Arthur
Karen Grant
Lara Eggleston
Claire Mitchell

2019/2020 Local Advisory Board Attendance

Name23 Sept 201927 Nov 20194 Feb 202023 Apr 202024 Jun 2020
H CoombeAttendedAttendedAttended
D FosterAttendedAttendedAttended
D FarishAttendedAttendedAttended
S ThomsonAttendedAttendedAttended
S ArthurAttendedAttendedAttended
K GrantAttendedAbsentAttended
L EgglstonAttendedAbsentAttended
C MitchellAttendedAbsentAttended

See below for Governor Body Meeting attendance during 2018/19

Please visit our statutory information page for information like accounts etc.

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