School Ethos and Values

Our Mission:
‘To be the best we can be’

Our Aim:
To promote a positive ethos and climate for learning which supports good achievement and the development of excellent, personal characteristics.

For children to leave our school, confident, caring and highly motivated learners.

Our Curriculum Principles:

  • To focus on the development of basic skills with a particular emphasis on reading.
  • To actively promote a range of positive personal characteristics.
  • To implement a curriculum that is appropriately sequenced and and connected in order to promte ‘deep learning’.
  • To use the outdoors as an environment for learning.
  • To give children experiences that will enrich and extend their understanding of the world.
  • To use appropriate technology to support and develop learning.
  • To foster independence in attitudes and behaviours.
  • To deliver a creative and integrated curriculum that promotes engagement and fosters life long learning.